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About Rooba - Natural Teething Toys

A teething baby is an unhappy baby. The painful process of teeth cutting through the gums is distressing both for them and for you. There are many choices a parent has to help alleviate the pain. With three children of our own and having looked closely at the vast array of options out there many are potentially unsafe, toxic or unfriendly to the environment.

We took the decision when setting up Rooba that we wanted to take an eco-friendly, non-toxic path. This has been a long process with plenty of challenges but we have made it and are excited to have launched Rooba. We have searched many countries and suppliers looking for the perfect fit, and with lots of prototypes under our belt, we have what we think to be a perfectly designed natural teether. Boo the Bunny!

We ensure everything we do is safe for your baby, helps them with their pain while minimising the effects on our beautiful planet. All our products are natural, non-toxic, recyclable or biodegradable.

Rooba is a British company based in Hampshire with UK designed products. Our natural rubber teether is manufactured in Malaysia. 

Our new Dream Little One Sleep Oil and Soothing Cheek Oil have been launched and proving extremely popular. 

Baby holding non-toxic teething toy