When your baby starts teething it can be a difficult time for everyone in the family, Rooba is here to help offer natural practical solutions to help ease the pain.

The common signs of teething:


Swollen, red gums

A tooth visible below the gum


Trouble sleeping

Trying to bite, chew and suck on everything

Rubbing their face

Rejecting food

Pulling their ears

If you notice several of these symptoms together, it is highly likely that your child is teething – but there's always the chance that it's something else so if you are unsure get your child checked by your doctor or health visitor.

Our natural rubber teethers are designed to help reach those very painful back teeth as well as the accessible front ones. The textured handle soothes and massages the gums, while chomping on the ridged tail can provide satisfying relief.

The teether can be cooled in the fridge to provide cooling comfort. We advise not to place in the freezer as it can damage or hurt your baby’s gums if frozen.