Why Rubber?

Why Rooba use rubber

We say why not!

There are many options for the basic ingredients for teething toys to be made from. We feel one of the best for your baby and the environment is natural rubber.

Our teethers are made from 100% pure natural rubber from the sap of the Hevea rubber trees.The process of tapping the rubber minimises the impact on the environment with each rubber tree lasting over 30 year before being harvested for wood production. The rubber trees used to make our teethers are on carefully managed estates to provide an ecologically sound source of our raw material. The planting of the rubber trees in a managed way ensure the impact of global warming and the environment are totally positive. 

The rubber we use is a100% natural material that is ecologically produced and sustainable and at the end of its life it is biodegradable. Our rubber teethers have undergone extensive testing and fully comply with EU safety requirements and are certified as non-toxic. 

No BPA, No PVC, No Parabens, No Phthalates and No artificial colours 

Our teether is moulded using one piece of natural rubber so there are no cracks where germs and bacteria can gather and ensures a strong safe teething toy. It can easily be washed or sterilised.

Rubber Tree

Rubber is a naturally soft and flexible material that remains durable with extended use, it is entirely non-toxic and free of petroleum and heavy metals. The material is a renewable resource and is biodegradable ensuring that landfill waste is kept to a minimum.

Natural rubber does not leach any negative by-products, which has been a major concern with plastics. Silicone is commonly believed to be similarly inert and hypoallergenic, but some recent studies have indicated that heating or cooling can cause it to leach. This is a concern when baby products are often boiled to be cleaned or are frozen to provide teething relief. Silicone is also a non-renewable, petroleum-based material.

Our manufacturing plant meets strict international standards and is ISO certified. Employees have a safe working environment and regular training to ensure the highest quality products.